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Hegelian dialectic

Problems With Convenient Solutions

  The chief executive of a private company, Changi Airport Group (CAG), said something recently that may have raised some eyebrows. Talking …



Coping With En Bloc Fever

IT WOULD seem the en bloc fever has returned. Or certainly the hype around it. Whether you are for or against it, as a subsidiary proprietor…

Cleopatra by Juan Luna

Art Painting Itself Out Of A Corner

FOLLOWING on the heels of Yayoi Kusama’s popular exhibition that had audiences dotty with excitement, the National Gallery Singapore has to …

Addy Cradle Transcendence
The Cradle Will Rock

BRIDGING myth and melody, guitarist Addy Rasidi applies his varied tec…

New air fares for SIA and Silkair

Slicing And Dicing The Airfare Pie

TRAVEL will be made yet more complex with a new air fare structure that is being introduced by Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. It would seem…

B&O E8


WHERE did this year go? I was just celebrating the arrival of 2017 and now I'm facing another round of celebrations. But not that I'm compla…

A Conscientious Cuppa

YOU shouldn't start your morning with your conscience being tortured b…

Keep It Going Disruptors & Dinosaurs

Are You A Disruptor Or A Dinosaur?

IN TIMES of change and uncertainty, you could become a disruptor, or be disrupted. As a disrupted entity you could react by assessing, regro…

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