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Basic Apology Training

YOU messed up, and now you need to apologise. Start by saying "Sorry". Be sincere about it. Then... shut up. The more you squeal on, making …


Addy Cradle Transcendence

The Cradle Will Rock

BRIDGING myth and melody, guitarist Addy Rasidi applies his varied technique on his latest release, Transcendence: Legend Of Ryu Wuri. Inspi…

Behind That Smile

A SMILE is such a powerful expression that it has thousands of quotes …

3 Tips For Good Sleep

WE NEED our eight hours of sleep to be fighting fit the next morning. …

Keliki Art

Keliki Offers Art For The Gods

THE minute detail that is core to Keliki art requires Job-like concentration and attention to detail. The art is filled with little images t…

A Handheld Tour Guide

YOU'VE found the best prices for flight tickets online and got a nice …

beetroot pasta

Beetroot Flavoured Pasta — Whip it UP!

Beetroot Flavoured Pasta By Chef Jonathan Caleon, PocoLoco (Italian restaurant)  Colour your pasta ruby red with a made-from-scratch beetroo…

Audi R8 Spyder

Itsy Bitsy Spyder

  GLOBAL warming and rising temperatures offer arguments for and against convertibles. One school of thought is the amount of sunshine …


A Conscientious Cuppa

YOU shouldn't start your morning with your conscience being tortured by a combination of guilt and caffeine. That cuppa has to be clear so t…

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