Nothing Else Matters

Since 2009, STORM has taken the issues that matter and discussed them in a practical way. The issues we face are often the stuff that an ever-evolving society is trying to make sense of. Beyond theories, STORM brings the people who are engaged in these issues to share their views and voice their opinions.

Sometimes, you may not like what you hear, but you might find it helpful.

Through interviews with newsmakers and leaders, STORM has built a following for delivering content that has addressed the needs of society. Our articles reach out to a wide array of people who help shape current and future thinking.

It’s the kind of information that has won it international awards.

From a design perspective, STORM has always been willing to experiment. From a landscape format, it reshaped itself into a handier portrait publication. It is now a pure digital publication.


With the reading behaviour changing, we figured it was best to present the views and news as quickly as we can, but with the same attention to delivering content that adds value to the reader.

Now that STORM is online, we will focus on a few core areas:

Business, as it keeps everything humming;

Travel continues to captivate our interest and move people around;

Health is always a major concern with a silver crowd;

Lifestyle issues that embrace things we would like to have, and understanding how they fit into our lives;

Viewpoints on trends and issues that will give us a clearer view of the bigger picture and where we are headed.


Keep It Going, brainSTORM, Future Of MacRitchie, Whisky Pairing, and more to come. These are wonderful opportunities to reach out to an audience that values wholesome content and the opportunity to network with a quality audience.

If you have an idea for an event, article or project, please do get in touch with us. Email us at [email protected]

STORM will continue to remain relevant. But we could do better with your help. We look forward to your comments. Do fill up the polls on our site so we can get a better feel for the kind of information you are after.

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Do keep the STORM brewing.

Kannan Chandran
[email protected]


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