Driven To The Dark Side

BeNTLEY FLYING SPUR V8 S BLACK EDITIONWHAT is with this fascination for the dark side of things?

Following on Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge range, Bentley is rolling in with the Flying Spur V8 S Black Edition.

The 4-litre, V8 Flying Spur hopes that by being mysteriously black it will add something unexpected to the otherwise fluid but safe lines of the luxury sedan.

NTLEY FLYING SPUR V8 S BLACK EDITIONIt might just appeal to those who want luxury without being flashy, with the tinted shades and dark interior with bold accents, a  three-spoke steering wheel and piano black veneers.

BeNTLEY FLYING SPUR V8 S BLACK EDITIONTo match the dark look, it’s been tuned for more power, pushing out 680Nm of torque in moving the bespoke alloy wheels from 0-100kmh in under five seconds.

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