Racing For A Dream

Sean Hudspeth, Porsche Cup

SEAN HUDSPETH is flying the Singapore flag in this year’s Porsche Super Cup.

The University of Warwick mechanical engineering undergraduate is learning more about the cars he’s driving, a handy hands-on experience that will help him regardless of which discipline he opts for.

On the track, Sean is determined to make a name for himself. While that means lots of training and sacrifices, it also means he has to get the results to entice the sponsors.

Sean Hudspeth, Ferrari
Sean tested out with the Ferrari team.

With most people scared off by Formula 1’s ridiculously hyper-inflated sponsorship prices, Formula GT is much more affordable, costing between S$10,000 and $30,000 a race (lots more zeroes in F1).

Sean and his father, Mark Hudspeth, chat about motor racing, thrills and spills, and speeding tickets.


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